Technical Program

The First BELAS event makes focus on reliability.


Dhiraj Pradhan, Bristol, UK (Keynote speaker) "Fundamentals of Computer Redundancy Technique"

Fabian Vargas, PUCRS, Brazil, "Combined Effects of Radiation, EMI and Aging in Modern ICs: Comprehension and Current Solutions"

Victor Champac, INAOE, Mexico, "NBTI Aging in Scaled CMOS Technologies"

Letícia Bolzani Pöhls, PUCRS, Brazil, "Challenges in Nano-Scale Integrated Circuits Design: From CMOS to Graphene Devices

José Lipovetzky, UBA, Argentina, "Ionizing Radiation Effects on Integrated Circuits and Test Procedures"

Said Hamdioui, TU Delft, Netherlands (European expert), "IC Reliability: Failures, Modeling and Characteristics Quantification"


Thursday hands-on labs:

- "Combined Effects of Radiation, EMI and Aging" by José Lipovetzky, Fabian Vargas, Letícia Bolzani Pöhls and Victor Champac

- "JTAG/IJTAG with Göpel Equipment" by Artur Jutman, Testonica Lab, Estonia