Local Information

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia (45 227 km²) - a European Union country, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region.  The largest cities closest to Tallinn are:

  • Helsinki - 60 km to the North
  • Stockholm - 450 km to the West
  • St. Petersburg - 350 km to the East
  • Riga - 250 km to the South

The city is known for the picturesque Old Town with its medieval architecture.

Get to Tallinn

By Air

Tallinn Airport (TLL) is situated just 4 km away from Tallinn downtown. Tallinn is connected by air with major European airports: London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Helsinki, Moscow, Prague, Riga, Vilnius and many others. Please refer to Tallinn Airport's homepage for a full list of carriers flying to Tallinn.

You can reach the city center either by taxi or airport buses, connecting the airport, city center, bus terminal, train station (only No. 90K) and passenger port.

Alternative ways to get to Tallinn:

By Sea: The Port of Tallinn is connected by sea routes to Stockholm, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg. The timetable for passenger ships is available here. The Passenger Port is located in the city center very close to the old town. For futher information about arriving by sea please refer to Tallinn Tourism page.
By Bus: International bus lines (Eurolines, Ecolines, Hansabuss) offer bus connections between Tallinn and many European cities. The Tallinn bus terminal is located just 2 km from the city center. For futher information about arriving by bus please refer to Tallinn Tourism page.
By Train: There is a railway connection from Tallinn to Moscow operated by GoRail.

Transport from the airport to the BELAS venue

The summer school will be located at the Oru Hotel (Narva mnt 120 B, Tallinn 10127, Estonia). Bird fly distance between the airport and the hotel is 3 km, but it is 6-8 km by road.


The most convenient way to travel from the airport to the BELAS venue is taxi. 
Taxi price calculator says it should cost approximately 10 EUR. The journey will take up to 20 min.
The rates for taxi services vary depending upon a company, i.e., there is no uniform pricelist for all taxis. Do note that all taxis are required to have a valid price list inside as well as and outside on the right rear window screen. Be sure to check the prices before boarding the taxi! At the end of your trip, ask the taxi driver for a receipt from the meter’s printer. If the meter or printer is out of order, the driver should not be in service and you have the right to refuse to pay the fare. In order to avoid misunderstandings, be sure that the approximate cost of the trip to your destination is clear in advance. Also, make sure that the meter is switched on. You are free to choose any of the available taxis at a taxi stand. Taxis can be also ordered by phone or hailed on the street. For more information please refer to Tallinn Tourism page.

Public Transport

Public transport of Tallinn consists of buses, trolleys and trams, which operate regularly from approx 06-23. It is possible to get to the BELAS venue by bus, but be warned that you need to change a bus in the city centre (next to the shopping centre "Viru Keskus").
Bus #2 connects the airport and the city centre and then buses # 35, 51, 60 and 63 go to the Oru hotel (direction "Priisle" or "Seli", bus stop "Oru" just in front of the hotel). In the city centre each bus stops at a different bus stop around the shopping centre. You need to check the map.
E.g. here are some options proposed by Google:http://goo.gl/maps/UlTV3 (you can play yourself for more.)

Ticket prices: http://www.tallinn.ee/eng/pilet/Ticket-information-for-tourists

The whole journey may take up to 40 min.
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